Friday, August 8, 2014

Short Takes: Life Insurance, Media Influence on Investors, and more

I wrote one post this week replying to email I usually ignore:

Replying to More Email

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Potato has some thoughtful arguments for why his family don’t need much life insurance on his life. Insurance brokers are likely to disagree strongly with him. He makes some interesting points, but it’s hard to decide to what degree I agree or disagree without some numbers.

Canadian Couch Potato reviews the book Clash of the Financial Pundits: How the Media Influences Your Investment Decisions for Better or Worse. Sounds like an interesting read.

Million Dollar Journey updates his Smith Manoeuvre (leveraged) portfolio. In my opinion, very few people are well-suited to leveraging a portfolio. Frugal Trader says “If you can’t stomach losing 20-30% in the portfolio in any given year, then your risk tolerance isn’t suited for leveraged investing.”

My Own Advisor reviews Larry Swedroe’s book The Quest for Alpha which makes a strong case for indexed portfolios. He plans to stick with his blend of indexing and dividend investing.

Big Cajun Man channels Mike Tyson to give some good advice on anticipating shocks to your financial plan.


  1. Thanks for the mention Michael, the blend seems to be working for now, of course, things work well until they don't eh? :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Michael!

    In case it's not clear in my post, I was worried about disability insurance and figured I did need that -- but it came as part of a group plan at work.