Friday, August 1, 2014

Short Takes: Philosophies for Investing Success and more

I wrote one post this week about how I can feel myself getting complacent about stock market risk:

Stock Markets Only Go Up?

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Million Dollar Journey has an excellent list of key philosophies for long-term investing success. Beginning investors and old hands would do well to read it.

John Heinzl does a great job of explaining the problems with covered-call ETFs.

Canadian Couch Potato says that if you started investing in stocks in the past 5 years, you don’t really know your tolerance for risk yet. However, older investors who suffered through 2008-2009 had their nerves tested.

My Own Advisor gives the results of a Sun Life survey on the difference in attitudes toward retirement between men and women.

Big Cajun Man explores a market timing strategy. It might be more believable if he included references to “Dementia 5”.


  1. Welcome to the investing world of Dimentia 5!!!!

    For those that don't remember it. Thanks for the inclusion this week.

  2. Thanks for the mention, enjoy the long weekend.

    Good to chat this week.

  3. I am not ready to publish the net worth stats on J Money's list either. It would be fun, as I think I could give most of those folks a run for their money...

    Anyway, money is the root of all evil, so if you are frugal, you can't be too evil.

    1. @No Nonsense Landlord: Maybe you're onto something with tying spending to morality. Going into debt makes you an evil person.