Friday, September 5, 2014

Short Takes: Eliminating Embedded Commissions and more

My only post this week described some less well-known RRSP strategies:

RRSP Strategies

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Tom Bradley at Steadyhand explains the arguments against eliminating embedded commissions for financial advisors and then demolishes these arguments.

Big Cajun Man is having trouble getting money out of an RESP for his daughter’s schooling, but that hasn’t stopped the bank representative from trying to upsell him on high-margin bank services.

My Own Advisor offers a primer on opening a brokerage account.


  1. I feel for BCM, does he want fries with that? I mean, does he want more fees with that?


    Thanks for the mention on the primer article, enjoy your weekend! Going to be muggy at the RedBlacks game tonight!


  2. Thanks for the mention this week, I also suspect my helpful Mutual Fund sales guy mucked something up as the money took a while to show up (and I had to call back to give it a nudge).

    Enjoy the weekend, snow is comin' soon!