Friday, September 26, 2014

Short Takes: Happiness Lessons from Frugality, Free Credit Monitoring, and more

Here are my posts for this week:

The Empowered Investor

Changing RRIF Withdrawal Rates

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Mr. Money Mustache tells an inspiring story of embracing challenges in living a frugal life instead of complaining and living an expensive lifestyle.

Financial Crooks gives a detailed account of what to expect if you sign up for an Equifax Premier Account provided by Home Depot for their customers who made credit card purchases during the “hacking period.”

Daniel Solin debunks 8 common investing myths. This is a rare list-type article that is truly worth reading.

Million Dollar Journey has some advice for people making investment choices within their group RRSPs at work.

The Blunt Bean Counter explains the complex rules surrounding whether you are eligible for the $800,000 capital gains exemption when you sell shares in your small business.

Big Cajun Man reports that TD now has the capability for their credit card customers to make purchases with their Near-Field-Communication-enabled smart phones. He says “They keep making it easier and easier to spend your money.” However, I get the feeling he doesn’t think this is a good thing.

My Own Advisor reviews the book Wealthing Like Rabbits. This sounds like a book to add to my reading list.


  1. I'll bet there is a market for a phone app, that when you try to access your money asks, "Do you REALLY need that?", but I am too lazy to write it.

    Thanks for the mention, enjoy Aboriginal Summer in Ottawa

  2. I also enjoyed the MDJ banter, nicely done. I'd put you in my financial corner any day.

    Thanks for the mention my friend,

  3. Belated thanks for the mention.
    Now to go read the MDJ article everyone is buzzing about!