Friday, August 3, 2018

Short Takes: Asset Location, Border Seizure, and more

I managed only one post in the past two weeks:

Serving as an executor

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Justin Bender analyzes asset location decisions between a TFSA and taxable accounts. These types of decisions are very easy to get wrong. Justin approaches these analyses in the right way.

CBC tells a cautionary story about trying to send money to someone in the U.S. and having it seized at the border. The few times I’ve sent large amounts to another country, I did it by wire transfer rather than sending bank drafts.

Canadian Couch Potato explains that short- and long-term interest rates don’t always move together. This is why bond funds haven’t been hurt much so far by rising short-term interest rates.

A Wealth of Common Sense has interesting definitions of 3 levels of wealth based on your attitudes about spending. I’d say I’m just shy of level 2.

Robb Engen at Boomer and Echo makes some excellent points about why you can’t count on today’s strongest-looking stocks to perform well in the future. He then plays the stock-picking game anyway and picks a stock he thinks will be good for 25 years. He’s careful to say he’ll stick to indexing, but I suspect most of the commenters who weighed in with their own picks are betting their money on those guesses. My own pick for best stocks to own for the next 25 years is all of them.

Potato reviews the book Worry-Free Money. I reviewed this book as well.

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