Friday, April 24, 2020

Short Takes: Rebalancing, Oil, and more

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Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Dan Hallett explains that rebalancing a portfolio isn’t about trying to catch the bottom. If an asset is outside its allocation range, then it’s time to rebalance.

Tom Bradley at Steadyhand has an interesting take on oil cycles. He says that while the coronavirus is making the current cycle “far more dire,” “There will be many cycles between now and when it’s replaced by renewable alternatives.”

Canadian Mortgage Trends says that it’s getting much harder to refinance a mortgage. They also see some early indications of real estate prices dropping.

Preet Banerjee explains the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy and has a calculator on his website for working out how much subsidy your organization can get.

Big Cajun Man has some new RDSP information that seems to be good news.

Boomer and Echo has a guide to the Canadian ETFs worth considering.

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  1. Thanks for the inclusion this week. Yes the fact that the RDSP is now (by law) not included in a Bankruptcy proceeding is a good thing.