Friday, March 6, 2009

Short Takes: Emotional Investing, Good News on Stocks, and “the Grid”

1. Jason Zweig at the Wall Street Journal has some ideas to allow you to get a feeling of control over your investments. Investors often make big mistakes when their react emotionally. Zweig’s suggestions may help investors deal with their emotional side.

2. On a theme similar to Zweig’s article, Larry MacDonald has some ideas on how to tough it out during hard times for stocks.

3. Preet explains how financial advisor behaviour is driven by a compensation grid.

4. Potato tells us that Petro Canada Mobility is jacking up its rates for cell phone air time. In addition to increasing the cost of air time, they are increasing the minimum deposit from $20 every 6 months to $25 every 4 months, an 87.5% increase. I have a cheap Petro Canada cell phone mainly because I use it so little that the minimum deposit is relevant to me. Thanks for the warning, Potato. I’ll be getting rid of this phone if I can find a better deal.

5. The Big Cajun Man dug into his archives for the story of how he made allowances for his kids work for his family.

6. Ellen Roseman’s article about the problems people are having with Co-operators Insurance, Aeroplan, and Bell Internet generated quite a few comments.


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