Monday, June 8, 2009

A Phone Call from Bell Canada

A pleasant-sounding woman from Bell Canada called me up the other day to save me some money. She told me that I could switch from my current $20 per month long distance plan to a $15 per month plan that gives more free minutes per month. This seems like a no-brainer, right?

For a second I was confused because I’m not on a $20 per month long distance plan. The Bell Canada lady checked again, and said that two different systems showed my records differently. Imagine that.

No worries, though. She still seemed to believe that I’d be better off in the new $15 per month plan because I use Yak, and Bell charges me a dollar for each Yak call plus I pay the Yak charges. This confused me again. Surely, I would have noticed if Bell were charging me an extra dollar for each Yak call.

She had lots more reasons why the new $15 plan is better than the roughly $7 I paid last month (a heavy long distance month for us). I had stayed on the call this long because I was interested in how Bell would try to sell me, but at this point I’d had enough and hung up.

I later confirmed that Bell does not charge me an extra dollar per Yak call and that the $7 included all additional Yak charges. I got the feeling that this lady was willing to say just about anything to get me to sign up for the new $15 per month long distance plan.

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