Friday, October 23, 2009

Short Takes: Bell Problems and more

1. Ellen Roseman has an unbelievable collection of bad Bell customer experiences. My own experience with Bell over the decades has been problematic as well.

2. Potato makes the case that while market timing in stocks is near impossible, it may be possible to time the real estate market.

3. Big Cajun Man has a funny illustration of the importance of having a target for your finances and ... uhh ... other things.

4. Preet explains why over the long run stocks have to give better returns than guaranteed investments.

5. Canadian Financial DIY reviews the book The Secret Language of Money.


  1. Thanks for the link MJ. No need for financial suicide - maybe your tax story could make it on as a small segment on financial horror stories beyond your control...

  2. Ready, Aim, FIRE!!!!!

    Hope I hit it....