Friday, April 23, 2010

Short Takes: Cheaper Generic Drugs and more

1. Buying a house is an emotionally-charged decision. Seth has some advice on how to think about buying a house. I recommend this article as a good way to put your choices in perspective. Thanks to frequent commenter Gene who pointed me to this piece.

2. Rachelle at Million Dollar Journey gives a clear and detailed account of the issues in the battle between CREA and the Competition Commissioner over the Multiple Listing Service.

3. The world of ETFs isn’t so simple any more as Tom Bradley explains. Instead of “ETFs are a great low-cost method of index investing,” we now have to say “some ETFs are a great low-cost method of index investing”.

4. See Larry MacDonald’s latest thoughts on the cost of currency conversions between the Canadian and U.S. dollar in an RRSP.

5. The Big Cajun Man gets the nod for best headline related to the Icelandic volcano.

6. Preet warns that travel insurance will no longer cover interruptions due to the Icelandic volcano now that it is a known problem.


  1. OK, that was me on that last comment.. not sure what happened?

  2. Thanks for the link! You started golfing yet? :)

  3. @Preet: I've shot 10 rounds so far already, including 8 rounds on a trip to Orlando. Sunny and warm every day!