Friday, April 30, 2010

Short Takes: Currency Conversion Shopping Trap, Lowering Utility Bills, and more

1. MoneyNing warns of a currency-conversion catch while shopping in a foreign country.

2. Big Cajun Man politely asks for a break on his Roger’s bill and gets it.

3. Jason Zweig reports on a research finding that people often can’t make good decisions even with full and clear disclosure.

4. Have you ever bought the wrong stock or bought the wrong amount? Preet explains the phrase “fat-finger trade”. Another good post from Preet is some advice he and his girlfriend are learning the hard way: don’t sign contracts at your door.

5. Larry MacDonald generated quite a stream of comments with his discussion of the sustainability of the retirement system and flat taxes.

6. Patrick makes a case for renting rather than buying a home.

7. Scott Ronalds outlines the problems with Canada’s mutual fund industry and describes the UK’s solution.

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