Wednesday, May 5, 2010

QuickTax Online Does Not Use Forms

I am a long-time user of QuickTax, but I’ve always used the desktop version. From a recent entry on Ellen Roseman’s blog, I learned that the online version of QuickTax does not give direct access to the tax forms; you must use the interview method. The desktop version gives access to both forms and the interview process.

I find the “easy step” interview process quite convenient to use, but I’ve never been able to use it exclusively. I’ve always had to go directly to the tax forms to enter data the interview process missed or to check that I did things correctly or optimally. It may be that I don’t quite use the interview process correctly, but the reason why certain things get missed doesn’t matter. The end result is that I need access to the forms.

I’m interested in the experience of other users now that we’re through tax season. Are you able to use the interview process exclusively or do you need to access the forms? Not having the forms accessible is a show-stopper for me, but perhaps my needs are atypical.


  1. I always have been comforted to see the forms, which I assumed was due to my age, having been raised on the paper versions. The forms are so handy to cross-check and see if results look reasonable. As I have discovered in my reviews of the various online packages, having access to the forms also allows one to compare results between packages and track down differences. The interview process is not foolproof (even re-entering my own data multiple times in the various packages I still missed some items just by following the process) so you can miss critical deductions and claims to reduce net taxes.

  2. Thinking back on it, I think I got away without looking at the forms at all this year. (Unless you count those tables used to enter T5s and such.) That would make this the first year I didn't poke around the forms.

  3. @CanadianInvestor and @Patrick: I suppose that whether you feel the need to see the forms may depend somewhat on how complex your tax situation is.

  4. I used QuickTax again this year. I went through the interview process, but it did not ask the right questions. So I also had to use the form view.