Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top Canadian Personal Finance and Investing Blogs

Globe Investor is running a poll of the top Canadian blogs in two categories:

– Personal Finance
– Investing

I’m pleased to note that Michael James on Money is included in the personal finance category. There are some great blogs in this list. A noticeable omission is Canadian Capitalist, but that’s because he is one of the panellists who chose the lists.

I won’t ask my readers to head over to the poll and vote for this blog because they may have more important things to do such as running out of a burning building. However, I do encourage readers to choose their favourites from the list. Good writers need some encouragement to keep writing.


  1. I infer that you're saying that if we don't vote for you, we may find ourselves inside a burning building. That was so subtle I almost didn't understand the threat. I'm going to vote for you right now.

    It is interesting that Canadian Capitalist is often excluded because he's often a nominator. It's like he's the de facto Canadian Financial Blogger.

  2. @Gene: I'm glad you picked up on that one :-)

    It's true that CC has become the de facto Canadian Financial Blogger. In my opinion, he's earned it.

  3. Remember that both Preet and I are on this fine list, and whilst I do not believe myself worthy of winning this hallowed event, I still feel that I deserve to win anyhow.

  4. I agree - CC earned it. Congratulations on your nomination! I voted for you.

    Will you be shaking hands and kissing babies this weekend?

  5. Congratulations Michael. Good luck with the vote. And thanks for the mention and kind words.

    I'd love to see bloggers shaking hands and kissing babies. Heck, I'd pay to watch that! What a lovely idea!

  6. Congrats on the honor. Shortly after putting out fire, I voted. Now to run back in and save the babies...

  7. MJ, since you seem to be the gathering point for all the bloggers, I'd like to wonder out loud why a good few on the list, including Ram himself, are from Ottawa. Was it the tech stock debacle that stirred people to get active?

  8. @CanadianInvestor: One factor that has kept me blogging is the occasional meetings with other financial bloggers. Perhaps this has kept other bloggers from the area going as well.