Friday, September 24, 2010

Short Takes: Accounting Sleight-of-Hand, Stock Market Reaction to Aging Boomers, and more

Want to read about an accounting trick that will make you shake your head? Some U.S. states are booking savings now for cuts to the pensions of workers who haven’t been hired yet. In a similar vein, I just saved thousands of dollars by deciding not to buy clothes in the decade after I die.

Larry Swedroe explains five reasons why an aging society doesn’t mean stock market doom.

Preet Banerjee thinks that HXT, the new Canadian ETF covering the S&P/TSX 60, isn’t all that risky and prefers it to XIU.

Big Cajun Man is shocked by the prices of recreational vehicles.

Tom Bradley thinks that even with the higher capital requirements for the world’s banks, they’re still not high enough.

Money Smarts makes the case for not automatically reinvesting dividends.


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