Friday, September 3, 2010

Short Takes: Half-Price Food and more

Big Cajun Man will eat half-price food, but won’t use half-price condoms. You have to draw a line somewhere.

Ellen Roseman reports that Canadians have the world’s longest mobile phone contracts. These contracts where you agree to high monthly fees for a couple of years in return for a “free” phone remind me of the story of my parents buying their first house. The price was $10,500, but if they had paid $15,000, they would have got a free car with the house.

Financial Highway lists 7 fees that credit card companies are getting sneaky with now that they have to live within some new government-imposed restrictions.

Ever wondered how mortgage rates are determined? Larry MacDonald interviews an expert to find out.

Money Smarts answers questions about who in the family can access an RESP against the wishes of the person who set it up.

Where Does All My Money Go reports on a new tool for checking the background of financial advisors.

Larry Swedroe takes a look at an article in The Atlantic magazine about the “great stock myth” and cuts it to shreds.

Bill Mann reports on why Canadians should sell their cottages.


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  2. Thanks for the mention, the line has been drawn.

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