Friday, September 10, 2010

Short Takes: Credit Reports and more

Ellen Roseman takes Equifax and TransUnion to task for charging for credit reports when they are supposed to provide them for free.

Larry MacDonald explains that you need to be careful how you designate a beneficiary for your TFSA in the event of your death.

Million Dollar Journey explains that some life insurance policies are set to implode due to poor returns on the investment portion.

Big Cajun Man has some fun observing that interest rates have risen 300%!

Money Smarts has learnt his lesson on buying labour-sponsored funds for the extra tax breaks.


  1. Thanks for the mention, fun with numbers is always... fun! Have a superlative weekend.

  2. That truly was an excellent rant against the penny. Damn things are a drag on people's time. I never thought of that angle. The idea that the nickel cost 9 cents to make was shocking too.

  3. @Gene: I think we could get by just fine without anything smaller than a quarter. I'd just have to start using proper golf ball markers instead of dimes.