Friday, March 9, 2012

Short Takes: Banksters, Tactical Asset Allocation, and more

Canada Mortgage News warns of banks making no-so-great offers to mortgage clients trying to get them to renew their mortgages early. Calling them “banksters” cracked me up.

Larry Swedroe says that tactical asset allocation (TAA) is a rip-off. What do you really think, Larry? Swedroe says that TAA is just another name for market timing and the evidence shows that it hasn’t worked. What he missed is that “tactical asset allocation” sounds smart and it makes investors feel superior when they use it – as long as they don’t compare their returns to an appropriate benchmark.

Steadyhand’s Tom Bradley illustrates what’s wrong with CEO compensation. I’m glad I just sold the last Canadian bank shares I own (except for those included in VCE and XIU).

Canadian Couch Potato has some fun recommending a coma as the best state to invest in.

Big Cajun Man rants about people paying exorbitant interest rates to get instant tax refunds.

The Blunt Bean Counter says that there really aren’t any advanced tax planning strategies available to most Canadians.

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