Friday, March 2, 2012

Short Takes: Driving Saving using Anchoring, Invasive Rental Agreements, and more

The Freakonomics guys report on some interesting research into how you can use anchoring to get people to save more in their employer savings plans by supplying them with the right examples.

Big Cajun Man is facing a request from his daughter’s potential landlord for detailed personal and financial information to act as a guarantor. Does it make sense to have an online bank account that you don’t use much for these types of requests? This is similar to having an email address specifically for online registrations.

Retire Happy Blog put together a video of a stereotypical interaction between a financial advisor and client and then deconstructed it. He wants to know if he was too hard on financial advisors.

The Blunt Bean Counter looks at whether you should take into account an expected inheritance in your financial planning.

Boomer & Echo explain mortgage payment vacations.


  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I enjoyed Jim's post, and the voices on those videos crack me up.

  2. The Blunt Bean CounterMarch 2, 2012 at 7:34 AM

    Michael, thx for the mention and your comment on the topic.

    p.s.- Am I the only one that needs to put in the spam words six times until I get them right?

  3. @Echo: I think those monotone voices on the video sound close to the same as my voice. I hear my own voice as animated, but when I hear it on tape, it sounds like those videos.

    @Mark: I sometimes have to type those CAPTCHAs in twice, but not 6 times. Is it time for new glasses or more patience? :-)

  4. Thanks for the mention, enjoy the melting weekend