Friday, March 30, 2012

Short Takes: Budget Edition

National Post has a good summary of the latest federal budget. They include actual numbers to give the changes some meaning. Those who want more detail can check out the actual budget document.

The Blunt Bean Counter breaks down the Ontario budget measures that affect personal and corporate income taxes.

Retire Happy Blog compares active and passive investing and looks at the long-term effects of fund fees.

Where Does All My Money Go? has a cool interactive motion chart to illustrate investing returns since 1970.

Big Cajun Man has an amusing strategy to cut down on wedding costs for his daughters.

My Own Advisor shares his strategy for paying himself first to build his emergency savings.

Million Dollar Journey runs through the costs of owning a pet. You can put me in the camp of people who think that the costs are nuts. People are free to spend their money as they wish, but you won’t catch me spending thousands on a cat or dog. Many years ago I read an analysis that claimed that conglomerates were buying up mom-and-pop vet operations to extract more money from pet owners. It’s amazing how successful they have been with this goal.


  1. Thanks for the inclusion, I think the methodology outlined is practical and fun, but as you pointed out, if the children never move out of your house, not as good as I'd hoped!

  2. Thanks for the mention Michael. Enjoy your weekend!