Friday, June 29, 2012

Short Takes: Conditions for Investing Greed, New Mortgage Rules, and more

Tom Bradley at Steadyhand is carefully planning to unleash his inner investing greed. With the current pessimism in the markets it may be a great time to make a bet on stocks, but I’ll stick to my regular rebalancing plans.

Canadian Mortgage Trends analyzes recent changes to mortgage rules.

The Blunt Bean Counter reports on the announced IRS tax amnesty for U.S. citizens living in Canada, but he makes it clear that there are still many unanswered questions.

Big Cajun Man has an instructive tale of exercise bikes. One useful takeaway is that the enthusiasm for starting an exercise regimen should be channeled into exercising rather than buying expensive clothing or equipment. Another is that so few pieces of exercise equipment in people’s homes get regular use that the used market for equipment heavily favours buyers.

My Own Advisor updates his progress on his personal finance goals. His quantitative approach is a good model for others. Some people feel good about hitting several small goals while running up their lines of credit, but Mark doesn’t make this mistake.


  1. MJ,

    Thanks for the inclusion and yes the post exercise regimen market for exercise equipment is a buyers' market that is for sure. Enjoy the HOT weekend in Ottawa.

  2. Enjoy the hot weekend!

    Thanks for the mention Michael, and blog support.