Friday, June 8, 2012

Short Takes: New HELOC rules and more

Canadian Mortgage Trends gave an update on the latest OSFI guidelines for HELOCs. It looks like they’re backing down from the idea of making borrowers re-qualify when they renew with the same lender.

Preet Banerjee says that whether you’re a DIY investor or have an advisor, you need to educate yourself about investing, either to do it yourself or to choose a good advisor.

The Blunt Bean Counter explains the business and income tax issues in selling a corporation.

Big Cajun Man’s list of sure-fire father’s day gifts seems suspiciously like they are aimed at his own children.


  1. Peut-etre they might be aimed at some folks in specific, who knows? Have a great weekend, and thanks for the inclusion

  2. Michael, thx for inclusion. Great job on the DTC post. I think you missed your calling as a tax accountant or tax lawyer with all the tax plans that you come up with :)

  3. Thanks for the link Michael - have a great weekend!

  4. @Mark: Thanks. But this tax stuff is hard work. I think I make more money per unit effort at my current job :-)