Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Financial Questions to Help You Choose a Canadian Political Party

In case you’re having trouble deciding whether to support the Conservatives, Liberals, or the NDP, here is a very short financial quiz to help you. Just pick the answer that feels right to you.

1. Unemployment is
a) criminal
b) not your fault
c) a lifestyle choice

2. Government spending is
a) wasted on the poor
b) always too low
c) unlimited

3. Corporate taxes should be
a) negative
b) higher
c) unnecessary after all nationalization is complete

If readers have ideas for other questions whose answers mock all three political parties, I’d be happy to read them in the comments section.


  1. How about:

    The amount of regulation by the Government currently is:

    a) too much
    b) About the right amount
    c) Tighter regulations are necessary

  2. or...

    What are your thoughts on crime and punishment? :

    a) Build a super prison in the far North on an iceberg with no windows, but spend 4 X whats really necessary to build it.

    b) I look out my window in Rosedale all the time I see no crime what's the problem? I think we should consider suing Smith and Wesson - bad guns!

    c) Lets rehabilitate those poor misguided serial killers. Maybe if we all go for ice cream together everything will get better :)

  3. Climate change is:
    a) a radical conspiracy to prevent me from filling up my SUV.
    b) a greenfield opportunity for shifting green things (including green bills) to our big red^H^H^Hgreen tent
    c) atoms of the world, unite! Down with corporate greed!
    d [Greens]) proof positive that the goddess Gaia is not happy and wants us to change.