Friday, August 3, 2012

Short Takes: Driving Investors out of Stocks, Why You’re Poor, and more

Jason Zweig says that Wednesday’s sudden drop in stock prices was just the latest thing to discourage retail investors and drive them out of stocks. I’m a retail investor and I didn’t even notice. Perhaps Zweig meant “retail traders” rather than “retail investors”.

Give Me Back My Five Bucks makes an interesting case that the reason you’re poor is a bad attitude and blaming others. I see a parallel with sports here. Many players moan and groan about bad calls from officials. However, players make mistakes, coaches makes mistakes, and officials make mistakes. If you’re mentally fighting both your opponent and the officials, it’s hard to win. With personal finance, it’s hard to improve your situation if you’re convinced that the world is to blame for your money problems.

Tim Cestnick explains the bureaucratic steps you must take to properly appeal a CRA ruling. Otherwise, your appeal could be rejected because you didn’t say “Mother, may I?”

My Own Advisor lays out his list of financial values.

SquawkFox resists a hard sell to upgrade her old cell phone.

Big Cajun Man manages to connect his failed investments in high-tech stocks to setting fires in a toilet when he was a kid.

Retire Happy Blog says that investing is a science rather than an art.


  1. Sometimes it's not easy to make those connections! Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm with you, Michael. I didn't even notice this miniscule "flash crash".

  3. Thanks for the mention Michael, I'll need to read Jason's article, sounds interesting.