Friday, August 10, 2012

Short Takes: JOBS Act Side-Effect for Investors, Beneficial Program Trading, and more

Jason Zweig explains how the U.S. JOBS Act is making it more difficult for investors to understand the stocks they invest in.

Larry Swedroe says that program trading actually benefits long-term investors if they can ignore occasional sudden stock market dips and rebounds.

Vanguard Blog has a funny comeback for critics of target date mutual funds. My only concerns would be costs and asset mix. If the combined MERs of the target date fund and the funds it invests in are low and the asset mix suits the investor, then all is well.

Larry MacDonald reports on an important ruling on securities lending in Europe. I agree with Larry that it is dangerous to separate risk and reward in securities lending.

Canadian Couch Potato has come out with a second edition of his book The Money Sense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio after the first edition sold out. I reviewed the first edition.

The Blunt Bean Counter looks at tax issues with online poker and offshore trusts.

Preet Banerjee says that the extreme couponing we see in the U.S. just isn’t possible to the same extent in Canada.

Big Cajun Man has a list of financial tweets he’d like to see with a #YOLO tag (you only live once).

Million Dollar Journey answers reader questions about ETFs vs. no-load mutual funds and starting a portfolio.