Friday, July 12, 2013

Short Takes: Mortgage Rules Effects, Currency Conversions, and more

During this lazy summer week I managed to write only one post between dips in the pool:

Retailer Strategy of Charging Less than Advertised

Here are my short takes and some weekend reading:

Canadian Mortgage Trends report that the tighter mortgage rules are doing their job to reduce the number of first-time home-buyers.

Canadian Couch Potato explains in detail the steps of using Norbert’s gambit at CIBC to save money converting from Canadian to U.S. dollars. It seems that this process is different at every brokerage.

Retire Happy Blog explains the pitfalls of the insured retirement strategy that many insurance agents pitch to their clients.

Big Cajun Man gets a good rant going about hospital parking fees. They are effectively a form of co-pay; free medical care is a myth.

Young and Thrifty pits RBC against a credit union while negotiating for the best possible mortgage rate.

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  1. Interesting stuff, I think in a street fight I'd take RBC and the points, have a great weekend.