Friday, July 19, 2013

Short Takes: Failing to Achieve Market Returns and more

In another hot and lazy summer week a broken computer inspired a post:

Personal Computer Costs and Trade-Offs

Here are my short takes and some weekend reading:

Canadian Couch Potato has some very sensible thoughts on the search for market-beating returns.

My Own Advisor lists the investment and personal finance principles he lives by.

Big Cajun Man says that changes in his tax return from one year to the next trigger requests from CRA for proof.

Financial Crooks digs into how dividends are handled in the Canadian and U.S. dollar sides of a brokerage account (and admits to a misunderstanding about dividend dates).


  1. My guess is I am on a "watch this guy" list at the CRA given my returns have changed every year in terms of credits and such, oh well, keeps one of my Union Brethren employed I suppose. Enjoy the sweltering heat!

  2. Thanks for the mention Michael.

    Have a great weekend,