Friday, July 26, 2013

Short Takes: Unreasonable RRSP Transfer Delays and more

I reviewed two books this week:

How to Make Money in Stocks: Getting Started

Managing Alone

Here are my short takes and some weekend reading:

Tom Bradley at Steadyhand calls out big financial institutions for the maddening way they delay RRSP transfers.

Financial Crooks has some sensible advice about hot water heaters.

Preet Banerjee appeared on The National in a panel on the cost of credit card reward programs.

Big Cajun Man says that credit cards are making us fat, stupid, and lazy. I think credit cards will have to get in line behind television and beer.

Million Dollar Journey explains how to roll a covered call position. Please don’t try covered calls until you can explain why the premiums you collect are not free money.


  1. I liked this article by Tom Bradley but I'm not sure if he realizes just how incredibly bogged down in bad paperwork and processes some of the big banks really are. I've sat at BMO (in the past) watching the agent fight against a computer system that just wasn't designed to let her sell me a GIC for an RESP. Eventually she actually had to FAX the request downtown to get it processed. (For e.g. why did she/I have to fill out 6 pages of risk tolerance information to sell a GIC!)

    And thanks very much for the kind mention. : )

  2. HEY, don't go bad mouthing beer or television... it's my Credit Card's fault! Have a great weekend.