Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bell Internet Update

A while ago I described my experience with Bell’s internet service. Since I switched providers, Bell has made numerous pointless efforts to get me back as a customer.

The latest offer has a picture of a beaver inviting me to “get a lot of internet for a very little price.” The offer says that I will pay $9.95 per month. Wait a minute, there’s some fine print. That’s just for 6 months. Then the price then goes up to $22.95 per month. And I have to sign up for two years.

Hold on, there’s more. I’ll be charged an extra $2 per month for modem rental and there are extra charges for using more than 2 Gigabytes per month. Something else is wrong. This offer is for a much lower speed of service than I had before I made the switch.

So there you have it. If I switch back to the same service I used to have with Bell, I’ll pay some amount that has nothing to do with all the numbers in this offer. Clear as mud. Maybe it will all be worth it to get “the most powerful internet,” whatever that means.

Apart from trumpeting a price that is about one-fifth of what I would really pay, the problem is that Bell’s service doesn’t seem to work at my house because of the nature of my phone line. We seemed to establish this fact during my numerous calls to Bell while I was an internet customer of theirs.

I know several people who have no problem with Bell’s service, and that’s great for them. It seems that I’m destined to get internet access over cable and continue to receive “very special” offers to “come back to Bell”.

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  1. Bell has been trying to get me back as a customer for the last 3 or 4 years with similar pathetic marketing.