Friday, April 24, 2009

Short Takes: Bear Market Myth and Auto Trade-in Incentives

1. Larry Swedroe attacks the persistent myth that active fund management outperforms in bear markets.

2. Canadian Financial DIY is calling for Canada to follow the UK lead by offering auto trade-in incentives. I like this as a replacement for just giving money to the car companies because the free market is more involved, but I don’t like it as additional public money flowing to doomed car companies.

3. Larry MacDonald gives us 11 trading tips from billionaire investor George Soros.

4. Ellen Roseman looks at the charges for using Aeroplan miles for “free” reward tickets. I collected Aeroplan miles for years, and fortunately I used most of them before the rules changed and they became mostly worthless.

5. Patrick at A Loonie Saved makes the financial case for renting rather than owning a home.

6. Preet has a story of someone who leased a car and the dealership tried to change the terms of the signed contract a few weeks later claiming that a mistake had been made. The amount of money at stake is $2100 over 4 years. I’d be interested in hearing how this ends up.

7. Clever Dude gets an amusing offer from a fitness club. See if you can spot what’s wrong.


  1. Thanks for the mention enjoy the summer temps!

  2. I'll have a follow up post to let everyone know how it all turns out.

    Thanks for the plug (I'm tired of writing 'thanks for the link') :)