Friday, April 10, 2009

Short Takes: iShare Sale and Tax Software Accuracy

1. Larry MacDonald warns holders of iShares ETF units to watch out for MER increases. Barclay’s PLC sold its iShares business (including the popular ETF XIU) to CVC Capital Partners.

2. Canadian Financial DIY has done extensive testing of Canadian Web tax software, and has found inconsistencies among the many available CRA-certified products. CRA has replied with an explanation of what CRA certification does and does not cover. It turns out that CRA certification means a lot less than I had assumed. You may be surprised as well.

3. Preet asks whether parents should cut their kids’ allowances during a recession. I can’t see doing this for young children, but it may make a good lesson for a mature 15-year old. The risk is that it will seem like random undeserved punishment without delivering the intended lesson.

4. Big Cajun Man reports that the number of billionaires worldwide has dropped by about 30%. I guess they lost a lot more money than I did.

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