Friday, July 31, 2009

Short Takes: Earl Jones’ Habits, Tax Hell, and Market Signals

1. We’ve see plenty about accused Ponzi scheme operator Earl Jones, but this article gives some insight into how he found his clients and preyed upon people at their weakest moment.

2. Larry MacDonald reports on a former Nortel employee caught in a tax nightmare.

3. Larry Swedroe has some thoughts for those waiting for a signal to get back into the stock market.

4. Preet explains that Vanguard is owned by its clients which explains the ultra-low MERs.

5. Big Cajun Man marks a full year of unemployment.

6. Thicken My Wallet wonders whether your financial advisor is worth $600 per hour.

7. Ellen Roseman explains why you always have to be willing to leave your bank.

8. Frugal Trader looks at the pros and cons of buying a car in the US and bringing it back to Canada.

9. Blunt Money sums up how to get out of debt in eight words. It’s refreshing to see a little tough love.


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  3. Among the long list of people accused of white collar crime, I find Earl Jones the most despicable -- he seemed to have preyed on the sick and dying.

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