Friday, July 24, 2009

Short Takes: Fraud Compensation, the Origin of DSC, and more

1. Larry MacDonald lists some of the organizations that may compensate investors who are the victims of financial fraud. I would hope that these organizations would only compensate victims for lost principal and not fictitious investment returns.

2. Preet explains the origin of Deferred Sales Charge (DSC) mutual funds and how this marketing move was extremely effective at pulling the wool over investors’ eyes. Congratulations to Preet on the second anniversary of his blog Where Does All My Money Go? Check out his big celebration giveaway.

3. Frugal Trader is in the market for a new car and has collected many useful suggestions from readers.

4. Canadian Capitalist explains why it doesn’t much matter whether you buy a dividend-paying stock before or after a dividend is paid.

5. Big Cajun Man saves money by test-driving Wii games borrowed from the library before buying the ones his family like.


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