Friday, July 30, 2010

Short Takes: Buying Tax Losses, Mortgage Pre-Payment Rules before Discharge, and more

1. Larry MacDonald described a scheme to eliminate your income taxes by buying tax losses from companies. I wouldn’t try this myself for fear that it would be disallowed for some reason, but it is interesting.

2. Canadian Mortgage Trends has some good advice about pre-paying a mortgage before discharging it.

3. Preet argues that when it comes to measuring the performance of mutual fund managers as stock-pickers, the index is too high a standard. His focus is on the manager’s stock-picking ability rather than whether the mutual fund in question is a good investment.

4. Canadian Financial DIY reviews the new

5. Big Cajun Man got a good rant going about troubles with his PC MasterCard.

6. Million Dollar Journey addresses the question of whether students should contribute to an RRSP.

7. Money Smarts had an uplifting post about how work kills a piece of his soul every day. I’ve had days like that. I think my soul regenerates, though.


  1. Thanks for the mention and enjoy the long weekend!

  2. Rant? Just because I said Expletive laden rant, doesn't make it a rant! Oh, wait a minute, yes it does,OK, have a swell weekend.