Saturday, October 23, 2010

And the RESP Book Winner is ...

Gene K. wins the draw for a copy of Mike Holman’s RESP Book (see my review here). Thank you to everyone who entered the draw.


  1. Thanks for the giveaway, Michael. Now I'll have to see what Canada's most-trusted contractor has to say about RESPs. What? That's Mike Holmes, not Mike Holman? Oh, okay, that makes more sense.

  2. @Gene: I kind of like the idea of seeing Mike Holmes stomp around knocking holes in an RESP.

  3. I think Mike Holmes would look at all the RESP rules and say "Tear it down!". :)

  4. Enjoying the book so far, Michael and Mike - easy to pick up for a few minutes here and there for some quick info.

    Was pleased to see an article in Moneysense featuring your book, Mike, but was surprised that the magazine got your name wrong: Holden instead of Holman (assuming some imposter hasn't written an extremely similar book to get a piece of the huge RESP book market). At any rate, congratulations on the exposure.

    Handy little book you have here, you really present the facts in a succinct, easy to digest manner.