Friday, October 8, 2010

Short Takes: Credit Reporting Headaches and more

Ellen Roseman shines a bright light on problems with credit reporting agencies. Imagine not being able to get a mortgage because some credit reporting agency has your name spelled incorrectly. You’d think that such a simple mistake would be easy to get fixed. Think again.

Preet Banerjee explains that the S&P/TSX index isn’t the same thing as the Canadian stock market. This illustrates that “passive management” is best thought of as a matter of degree rather than a binary condition. It is impossible to own a portfolio that exactly reflects a country’s investment opportunities. However, it is possible to come reasonably close.

Big Cajun Man got tricked into signing up for a service and Bell is acting as the enforcer to make him pay the third party service provider.

Million Dollar Journey did a net worth update. He’s more than half-way to a million dollars. Does this mean that this blog is nearing its end? Perhaps hiding assets in a shell company could keep this blog alive longer. I’m sure that there are plenty of corporate accountants around who are skilled at hiding assets and liabilities.

Financial Highway tells us how to overcome fears about money.

Money Smarts reviews the book Pensionize Your Nest Egg.


  1. I'd like to think I was duped, but have a nice long weekend anyhow.

  2. @Big Cajun Man: Is there a difference between "tricked" and "duped"?

  3. Thanks for the link MJ! Have a great long weekend. See you in a few weeks...