Friday, October 29, 2010

Short Takes: Discount Brokerage Comparison, Red-Tagged Furnaces, and more

Money Smarts came out with a thorough comparison of Canadian discount brokerages. There are two handy tables for easy comparison along with detailed notes on each brokerage. The column that concerns me the most is Forex fees.

Ellen Roseman finds a number of consumers complaining that their furnaces were “red-tagged” by technicians to boost sales of new furnaces. If these claims are true then homeowners need to be very careful about who they choose to clean and inspect their furnaces.

Big Cajun Man says that TD Canada Trust plans to open branches on Sundays and asks whether this service is really needed. My take is that it doesn’t matter whether it is needed; what matters is whether it is wanted and profitable.

Financial Highway looks at the wisdom or folly of using retirement funds to pay for your kids’ education.

Million Dollar Journey gives us a look inside a demi-millionaire’s wallet.


  1. Thanks for the link.

    Yes, forex fees are a concern. I'm going to do a post or two on that soon.


  2. Thanks for the link! Have a great weekend!