Friday, January 6, 2012

Short Takes: ETF Creation and more

Canadian Couch Potato explains how ETF units come into and out of existence and how this process keeps them trading at the value of the underlying assets.

Potato analyzes his performance as an active investor and explains his struggle to decide whether to be an active or passive investor.

The Blunt Bean Counter explains 5 popular CRA audit targets.

Big Cajun Man writes about the magic dancing monkeys that may be standing (dancing?) between him and his son’s Canada Learning Bond.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade explains that the best way to change your behaviour is to focus on what you really, really want rather than focusing on what you should stop doing (in a post no longer online). I see the power of this with one friend of mine who has set a target date to retire into a life of daily golf. He is laser-focused on his goal and this makes it easier for him to save a high percentage of his income. Without this goal it would he harder to avoid expensive temptations.

Million Dollar Journey and Money Smarts announce their results in a 2011 stock-picking contest. The average result of the 9 participants was a loss of 14.57%. My pick of the Canadian and US stock indexes would have been well above average.  Adding my real money portfolio as a participant in the contest would have left me fourth place out of 10.


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