Friday, January 13, 2012

Short Takes: Slow RRSP Transfers, Rule of 40, and more

Tom Bradley at Steadyhand rants about how long it takes some large financial institutions to transfer out RRSP accounts.

Wealthy Boomer explains the rule of 40 to figure out how long it takes for a mutual fund MER to consume one-third of your portfolio. This is a variant of the rule of 72 for figuring out how long it takes your money to double.

Carol Goar at The Star explains a new scheme by tax preparers to exploit the poor.

Larry Swedroe reports that 2011 was another bad year for actively-managed U.S. stock funds.

My Own Advisor makes some financial goals for 2012. I like the approach he has taken to put dollar figures on each goal. Personal finance is not a pass/fail game. You get part marks for coming close.

Money Smarts tries to raise awareness about Canada Learning Bonds (CLBs), which are government contributions to RESPs of low income families. They don’t even have to make a contribution to get a CLB.

Big Cajun Man has an amusing rant about telemarketers.

Million Dollar Journey explains why he buys dividend stocks directly rather than using a dividend ETF.


  1. Thanks for the inclusion, don't burn the sausages this weekend!

  2. Thanks for the mention Michael.

    I think the BlackRock acquisition of Claymore is a good thing. I like the idea of a few heavy-hitters duking it out for ETF retail space, and customers (BlackRock, Vanguard, BMO ETFs...)

    Looks like we'll have some snow to shovel this weekend.

    Lastly, I like the new look of the site. Nicely done.

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  4. @Mark: Thanks. Fighting with web tools isn't my favourite activity, but I did put some effort into the new look.