Tuesday, March 9, 2010

QuickTax Giveaway

The makers of QuickTax were kind enough to offer two access codes for any online version of QuickTax as a giveaway for my readers. To enter the draw, send an email with the subject “QuickTax” to the address in the top right corner of this blog. Entries must be received before Saturday at noon, eastern. The winner will be chosen at random among the entries and contacted by email. I won’t use the email addresses for any other purpose.

To regular users of QuickTax Standard, the most visible change is in the EasyStep interview process where the software asks an extensive set of questions to determine exactly what information you’ll need to enter. These questions were all asked up front for 2009, and it felt a little like an inquisition. But overall I liked answering these questions all together at the beginning of the process. My wife said that it gave her more confidence that we would remember to enter everything we needed.

I’ve used QuickTax for several years now and find it useful. It’s hard to get excited about filing your income tax return, but QuickTax hasn’t added to the pain.

Good luck in the giveaway.

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