Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Family Success

Google's Blogger system has a handy feature where posts spontaneously revert to draft status preventing them from being posted.  This is what happened today.  This bug has existed for several months, and after much experimenting I'm convinced that user error is not a factor.

In place of today's original topic (which I'll save for another time), I'll tell you about my recent experience traveling with my son's high school basketball team to the provincial championships.

Hotel room: $484
Meals: $280
Gasoline: $141
Water bottles for players during games: $12
Gold medal: Priceless!


  1. Did you get any Caviar with that, given you were in Sturgeon Falls?


  2. Big Cajun Man: I was too busy driving players between the hotel, gym, and restaurants to do much else. It was definitely worth it, though!

  3. Wow gold medal! Impressive performance in a provincial championship! Especially for Ontario, which as far as I remember has quite a large population. At least twice as many people as PEI, maybe even three times!

    $141 in gas is getting up there. Actually, these units:

    $ in gas per round trip Ottawa to Sturgeon Falls

    is about as accessible to me as these units:

    Litres of gasoline per 100 kilometers

    There's just a few areas where I never have a good concept of what the metric equivalent is. MPG is one of those.

  4. Gene: I've managed to embrace metric units for the most part, but MPG still has more meaning for me than L/100km. The round trip was only about half the driving. Our hotel was 40 minutes or so from the gyms and I made the round trip roughly twice per day.

  5. Mike
    Congratulations. You must be proud of your son. And thanks for the laugh. The way you did it -- a take-off on the commercial -- brought a chuckle.