Friday, March 26, 2010

Short Takes: Index Tracking and more

1. Preet lists some reasons you may not have thought of why your index fund may not exactly track its index.

2. Frugal Trader lays out his RESP asset allocation strategy. The interesting thing to me is the transition points. When the date comes to shift money from stocks to bonds, will he do it mechanically on the exact date specified, or will he try to time the trades? These choices are always more complicated in real life than on a chart.

3. Big Cajun Man has found a sign of a very bad day for an investor.

4. Tom Bradley wonders who is buying Kevin O’Leary’s new mutual funds? This is one case where it doesn’t pay to get in early.


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  2. It's also a bad day when the temperature has dropped 25 degrees celsius in 12 hours and you have to walk 1 km from your parking lot to work.

    At least it's a Friday.

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