Monday, March 8, 2010

Short Takes: New Budget Edition

You’re getting this edition of short takes on a Monday because the big news in the budget about stock option trap relief that appeared on Friday.

1. Larry MacDonald highlighted the parts of the budget Canadians care about most in a MoneySense article.

2. The Tax Guy focused on the tax-related elements of the new budget.

3. Preet interviewed Michael Moore!

4. Canadian Financial DIY brings us researchers who believe that we could have predicted Bernie Madoff’s fraud before the fact. Great! Let’s use their methods to find the currently ongoing financial frauds.

5. Wow! Big Cajun Man seems to put a lot of effort into doing his income taxes.

6. Million Dollar Journey explores the dangers of co-signing for your child.

7. If you’re like me, you wonder what impact the new mortgage rules will have. Here is CIBC economist, Ben Tal’s answer at Canadian Mortgage Trends.


  1. And even though I do all this work, I still don't get any more back... maybe I should just not do it?