Friday, March 12, 2010

Short Takes: Canadian Dollar Predictions and more

1. CIBC predicted that the Canadian dollar will rise in value. It seems that we rarely see predictions that the Canadian dollar will go down. However, the Canadian dollar has gone down as much as it has gone up relative to the US dollar over the decades. The disproportionate number of predictions of a rising Canadian dollar are just a form of cheerleading with little predictive value. But, it feels good to believe that our dollar is rising.

2. Where Does All My Money Go? features a series on bankruptcy written by someone actually going through bankruptcy.

3. Larry MacDonald reports that ETF providers are eyeing the segregated fund market. Reducing segregated fund MERs to reasonable levels would be a welcome change.

4. Larry Swedroe explains that emerging markets with high GDP growth tend not to give high investments gains.


  1. Mike
    As always, thanks for link. So how did your son's baseball team do?

  2. Thanks for the link, remember that all predictions can be proven correct, if you only mention the ones that were right.

  3. Larry: It was basketball this time, and they won the provincial championship! I got to be the proud Dad.

    Big Cajun Man: I guess that's the key: make lots of predictions and some of them are bound to be right.

  4. Thanks for the link! We missed you at dinner, but perhaps next time...